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11/11 morning

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    • Live report for the oak tomorrow morning 6/27 let get em!!!!father and son!!!

      Launching at 530am possible east heading all the way to sandy creek stay tuned the rookie is back at it. Last Friday went 5for 7 4 kings and one steelhead. Between me and my dad i think i will be performing him. Going to try the new swarm flasher some brads meat baits using sardines for meat at Mitchell's bait shop 8$ for 15 whole sardines.   Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app    

      in New York Fishing Reports - Lake Ontario (South Shore)

    • Mexico Saturday morning

      It seems like a lot of us have struggled in Mexico bay and others are killing it. I’ll be out in the morning about 6. The boat name is Tranquilo, 25ft center console. Feel free to look for me / call me. There’s plenty of fish to go around. Unless someone has any advice, I’ll be starting around 90 to 110ft headed east/ west fishing a mix of flys and spoons 30 to 70 down. Feel free to let me know what you think of that plan good or bad.  I have out of towners on Lake Ontario for the first time so

      in New York Fishing Reports - Lake Ontario (South Shore)

    • Cayuga early morning 6/20

      Went for a shakedown run as the sun was rising this morning in cayuga. Just finished gutting and rebuilding my boat. Everything went well with the boat, no issues now that I sealed a couple leaks. Spent some time trolling through bait balls north of myers and ended up with two decent sized Lakers. Both lived to fight another day. Not bad for not fishing real hard. Beautiful sunrise. There is alot of debris in the water including one full log that was easily 20 ft. Be careful if your up on plain.

      in Finger Lakes Discussion

    • Braddock Bay Wed June 19 Morning

      Launched at Braddock around 7:15 and went straight out to 80 ft of water based on reports posted from earlier in the week.  Began setting up around 7:45-8:00 and first fish (laker) came around 8:15 on rigger set at 85.  Then did a king at same depth about 20 minutes later.  Did a steady pick for the next 2.5 to 3 hrs finishing with a total of 3 lakers, 2 kings and 2 cohos.  Moved one rigger down to 100 ft and had 2nd line stacked about 20 ft above it.  Other rigger at 70 with 2nd line about 20 f

      in New York Fishing Reports - Lake Ontario (South Shore)

    • Olcott report June 8. Morning.

      We did no good really. Lake was rough with 3 t 4 footers out of the Northeast. We caught 3 shakers and one 12 pounder which we lost at the boat. Started straight out in 270 FOW. Trolled to 320. Nothing. trolled back to 240 and the caught the fish. Trolled at that depth for quite some time after that and caught nothing. Trolled back to about 100 FOW, and nothing. Never saw a fish or bait on the screen. Quit at 1100. There was a boat at cleaning station and they went 11 for 23. Said many were sh

      in New York Fishing Reports - Lake Ontario (South Shore)

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