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My First L.O.T.S.A. Show


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 Hi,all! I was wondering if the venders at the show are "cash","check" or "Credit Card?"or if out of a product, they will honor the price for ordering?  Thanks for feedback. Steve...................

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It depends on the vendor.  At least a couple will have wireless card readers to accept credit cards.  Most will probably be cash/check only I would guess.. 


Hopefully some of the vendors will chime in.  I know ITO flies will be able to accept Credit Cards through a reader on his smartpone, and I believe Pete Alex (Great Lakes Tackle Shop) usually has a card reader also.



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Great Lakes Tackle will have a card reader there and accepting all major CC's.


We will have a variety of tackle, line, divers, apparel  etc... to choose from. Including Fish Hawk X-4 units, spare probes and TD's.





Great Lakes Tackle Team

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