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Airmar Thru-Hull Transducer

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Tom, one remedy to that situation is to replace unwanted transducers with BRONZE inlets of the same stem diameter, and cap them off permanently on the inside with 5200 and a bronze cap. This is very flush to the hull, and you won't have to wonder about the patch. 

Unless there is a difference in the stem diameter in the wrong way(the b60 is smaller than what is there, holewise) you should be able to clean up an existing hole and utilize it for the b60--even if you have to enlarge it. 

I prefer thru hulls approx midship and in an area close enough to the center that it won't come out of the water in a chop. You also don't want it "downstream" of an obstruction to a clean flow of water--like a water inlet. With an inboard almost anywhere you install the thru hull will be ahead of the props which is most desired.

If you still wish to do a fiberglass repair I do bump into a couple of glass guys in the Spring and I can get you their contact info.

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