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Seneca Lake Trout Derby Weekend Report....

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5-24-13 Big Fish Friday


Well thought I had a good plan together for Friday but the 25 mph winds dampered it a bit..  With the wind blowing had my dad Tow us to Lodi and decided I would ride back to Watkins with the waves and hope for the best ... We got launched headed out the shoot and started setting up rods got about three rods down and turned around to look at the Lowrance and noticed my rookie crew was prretty green .....   Being the nice guy I am decided I wasnt gonna make them suffer it out......  Picked up and ran back to Watkins and called it a day...  The waves on Seneca where building unbelieveably big saw some 5's and possibly a few 6's mixed in here and there ... So about four oclock left for Sampson to donate my $20 bucks  Congrats to Nick (Lakebound88) on the win and little did he know he was about to have a great weekend.... Great to see some of the guys that said they were in show up and pay there dues and chat a bit ....  Always a good time...  Glad to see eveybody and catch up and tell some fish stories...  LOL...


5-25-13 First Tournament Day


Crazy wind again so went with the same plan but fished with my friend Matt out of Lodi again with the same plan we ran four dipsy's and 2 riggers, waves still up in the 4's and 5's and not very much fun at all...  We were able to put some Lakers in the boat but nothing on the larger side.... Fished til 1 and we were done due to wind... 


5-26-13 Day 2


They were calling for big wind again so no plans of going but got a phone call from a couple buds fishing the tournament that couldnt get out do to smaller boat and waves so I told them to meet me at the dock...  We ran out of Watkins to Glenora and came back on a south troll managed to get in to fish but just nothing in the quality department....  Few smaller lakers and salmon.....


5-27-13 Day 3


Launched bright and early with the family and Matt , we ran just south of Peach Orchard and went North , put a full spread of cores coppers riggers and dipsy's out and wasnt long before we were putting the smack down on Lakers and Browns but again we just couldnt find the size we were looking for, but everybody on board had a great morning reeling them in the (pics below)....   Overall the tourney was a good time but wish we could have had a lot less winds but thats how it goes, cant control Mother Nature... Want to Give a huge thumbs up :yes: to Lakebound88 on a second place Laker and he was a trooper fishing every second in the weather we had and thats how you get it done!!! Congrats to all who fished and Placed.....




















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