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1982. 5.7L omc Sterdrive


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Im trying to get the boat ready..

But i couldnt get the mechanic to work on it.so im trying to do it myself.

Anyone know upper gear case, is it 80w90? Or 30w.

I know the lower gear case is 80w90.

Didnt know if the same...

Look om internet...seen people say both..

Not sure what is correct..

Please help..

Wanting to go boating/fishing next weekend

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I have a 1982 Sea Ray weekender  and I completely rebuilt everything from ground up and I was told to use the synthetic 80-90 wt, which appears like 30wt, I used Amsoil. I know that stuff runs a lot cooler, because when my uncle had dirt modified race cars, and we went to change ring&pinion you needed gloves on to handle the parts with just 90wt gear oil, with Amsoil, you could take the rear apart without the use of gloves, it was that cool. That sold me, and when it came time to do my boat I knew what I was going to use, no matter what the manufacture said. There wasn't such a thing out in 82. So that is my story and I'm sticking to it. Hope this helps PAP.  PS. I used the same 80/90wt for the upper and lower unit. It's a 5.7 bored 30 over with 10-30 Amsoil in crankcase and 80-90wt amsoil on out drive, and it shifts like a new one , absolutely no grinding, just slips into gear. GREAT stuff IMOP.

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Is this an electric shift? I can tell you what I know about a 1975 OMC old style stringer that I used to own. The bottom gearcase with the electric shift must have a "type C" oil. Do not use anything but that in an electric shift. The type C oil is thinner and has some additives for the electic shift. I would go with pap's recommondation for the upper gearbox. Use can use other oils in the top too but they do tend to leak so the better oils will not mix with water so well and give you the best protestion. As others said check it a few times a season. Mine leaked but I never got it fixed and just changed the oil a few times a year.

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