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Spawning Walleye


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The last two weeks in the lake I am fishing walleye are still being caught in the current. Have caught females with eggs still in them the last couple of nights. I haven't seen behavior like this ever.. Throwing stick baits and catching them like it is April... Not complaining but this behavior seems odd. Has kind of thrown me off because I am using tactics that would use at this time of year and they aren't working but go more toward spring tactics and they are still working. I.E casting eyes casting off the shore.... AWESOME!!!!!!!

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what's the water temp? walleyes for the most part spawn when the water temp is 40-46 degrees. But there's always exceptions. As far as getting them casting sticks from shore its not unusual. You can get them all summer doing it on Oneida with the right wind. When they want to feed they will. Ive got them under the bridge in Sylvan beach casting from shore in Aug. 2 weeks ago tons of bait was in there and you could see them chased and hitting buckeyes on the surface on 23 fow. Also in thicker cabbage style weeds in 3-6 fow in mid summer

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