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on water at 5am. just me and wife didn't want to get too complicated with my set up. skipped browns, tried for silver. Ran 2 riggers, 2 dipsies, and one leadcore, didn't bring copper, also didn't have my speed and temp on so no temps for you. slow day landed 1 steely on leadcore. couldn't find the bite with out temp tried everywhere but steely came in 180FOW on 7 or 8 colors. Main reason for my post was to ask about a boat. I saw a sweet boat pass me when I was leaving. The boat was being delivered on a Semi truck flat bed, so pretty big fishing boat. Boat name was Blue pearl I think barely saw it in my rearview. I was just wondering if anybody knows the boat, It looked like a Sweet Boat just wondering if anybody knew the make or model.

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