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Old Minn kota bow mount question

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The Spectrum I bought had an old 41lb thrust bow mounted trolling motor that the people said they never used.  The original owner used it from what I was told.  I hooked it back up bought a new battery and tried it out.  Well at first nothing happened, so before I started pulling the wires on the boat I put the battery on the charger to make sure it was charged and I got the foot control to make it turn but still nothing on the motor.  The control will turn it pretty good in 1 direction and slower in the other.  So I at least know that there is juice getting to the front of the boat now. 


Can anyone tell me if they think there is a fix to this or anything I can do (open it up and lube it up or anything like that) or is this one of those thing where I should just go spen the money and get a new one?  Anyone have one for sale or know of one for sale?


This was my back up plan to get out there and try the boat out with the kids.  If I cant get the motor going I could still get out using the trolling motor and do a little fishing....



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Sounds like you have a Powerdrive electric steer motor. They can steer, but still not run the motor. There's a control board under the mount housing, if it fails, no motor power. You could pull the cover and get to the control board. There you will find a heavy black and red wire which sends power to the motor from the control board. If you put 12volts to those wires and the motor runs, then it could be the control board that's bad. Of course your problem may be the foot pedal too. See how far you can get into the foot pedal and clean any contacts there, and also the foot pedal to motor connection. I think the control boards run about $100, not sure about foot pedals. Wouldn't pay to invest too much into an old motor.

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