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Question about leaders


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I run 20 lbs flouro as leader on my 50 lbs mono main line

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This year 50lb flouro. on meat rigs for me, going to 30lb mono on reel. I prefer 30 lbs flouro leader on meat but after one break off I switched to 50, problem solved.(Kings are tough this year)

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I usually use 50 lb mono all around. Fluorocarbon has no stretch at all and definitely should not be used with wire dipsys. Its great between flasher and fly bc it gives the fly more action, but on meat rigs you want a slow rolling action anyhow. No sense in leadering a spoon on a rigger. That's 2 more knots and two more swivels that could potentially break.

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i typically run 20 lb mono in spring and fall,i use 25 lb in fall,there teeth and jaws harden up in fall,on my reels with all mono i just use 25 lbs,so i dont have to change and waste alot of mono,but my lead core and copper i switch,50 lb and up you will loose action on your lures,makes a big difference,salmon arent as line conciuos as trout are,trout can even see the 25 lb mono,if you use 50 lb mono get the cajin color,for some reason they dont see the red line as easy

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