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OAK 8/29, 8/30 with a near mishap

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Only able to fish a couple hours with GF Cathy and we set up a little east of port in 60fow running 2 wire divers with spinny fly combos out 140 and 180 and 2 riggers down 50 with a NK SSW and down 60 with a moonshine carbon 14. The 180 diver was the first to fire and after watching the line counter go out past 300 before slowing a little I tried to hand the rod off to Cath when the fish took off for a 200'+ run and then GONE! Oh well, reset and 20min later it fires again and almost and identical replay, Cath gets to do battle this time and after circling a couple times I slid the net under a 29lb king! Her PB and biggest for the boat for the season. She did great and her arms are still sore. We went on to have 2 more wire rips that were on and off within seconds. Nothin on the riggers despite a few spoon and depth changes. The flies were terrible especially after they figured out they could bite! Still good to be out there though.

Thanks to the 2 boats who appeared to change their course while we were hooked up. That's what should happen out there!

8/30 - near mishap

Had a couple friends meet me at the launch and after being 45min late (guess I'll tell them to meet earlier next time ;)) we headed NW out of the chute, checked the screen in 60fow and slid east to set up. After getting the bags deployed and the port diver creeping out, I turned around to see a good size boat motoring right at us from port! I began waving my arms and yelling but they didn't change course so I yelled to Dave to give it some throttle which must have tripped the dipsey and as this boat passes by my transom at 50' or so, he clips the wire diver which screams out line until I grab it and snap - some wire, diver, spinny and fly GONE! As the boat passed and me yelling WTF! There's a bunch of guys staring and as they go by I see "SNOW PIRATE" across the transom. Now, I have a lot of respect for MOST charters and over the years have had very few issues with other boats out of the OAK and those that know and fish with me know that I will always "give way" even if I don't "have" to. There was absolutely NO excuse for running out that close to another boat and even if it was a "mistake", man up and acknowlede it and make an attempt to swerve, slow down or something. I sure hope the passengers aboard the SNOW PIRATE don't think that is the correct way to SAFELY operate a vessel.

8/30 - report

The fishing sucked! After calming down and getting 2 divers and 3 riggers set out we were on NE troll and were marking some bait and fish so decided to maintain that course as the reports from the inside waters weren't good. After messing around with rigger depths and diver lengths, the 300 diver with a green dot spinny hammer fly combo gets wacked hard and then off within seconds in about 225fow. Went out to 300 only to watch the screen fade away so decided on a SW troll back inside. We picked up a 8-10lb king on a carbon 14 down 65 over 125. Trolled in and the east and back west covering 100-60fow without a touch so pointed her NE again only to pick up a laker in 260fow on the 310diver with a carmel dolphin spinny fly combo. Pulled rods and headed in around 1:30. Good luck to all for the rest of the season.


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Thanks for the report, Shawn, we were out this afternoon 5:30 to dark and there was a great screen out west and 130 to 200 fow, but all fish had lockjaw . Going out tomorrow morning and see if they change their mind.

Glad you didn't get run over by an obvious idiot with a big boat on auto pilot. Maybe he should figure out how to use it with a radar interface if he doesn't want to pay attention to the course. Too bad he had to collect 50 dollars worth of terminal tackle and baits to further insult you with his non-grace. I know you did all you could to avoid that confrontation, and that was darn near assault!

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