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left the doack at 730 the plan was to troll for browns. hit the chute realizing there is 2 - 3 ft rollers from the east. I went east about 1 mile turned and started a troll back to the bay. I set a 2 rod set had a bf alpha alwife on rigger parked at 12' and ahd a black and chrome rebel minnow on the other rigger parked at 8'. I trolled all the way back to the bay and the only fish i caught was a 15" brown that never released off the ball. I pulled lines and went back into bay. I pulled back into the dock and my brother called me asking about catching perch. We quickly made a plan to meet at my dock in a hour. I got all of my big fish gear out of boat (sadly its over) ran and got minnows then my brother a d nephew arrived. We started around 1130 just east of sunken island in 20-25 ft of water but found next to nothing so to the bridge we went 20ft of water. Dropped the anchor and went to work catching baby rock bass and baby bluegills 1 after another with an occasional yellow perch and white perch mixed in. We got caught in thunderstorm so we motored back to the dock to wait it out. After the storm the wind totally quit so we never got back onto them. We moved from spot to spot but only caught a few small ones. we ended the day with a few nice rock bass and perch. my nephew had fun thats all that really matters

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With the forcast decided to fish for browns instead of bowhunting. Worked east of the bay in 20fow out to 50 after shipbuilders and back to the bay this evening. Nothing, didn't even mark a fish. Put all the equiptment away. Was hoping the perch report was better because tommorrow doesn't look like a good day to hunt either.

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