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Fish Junkie

'Cuda on the flats

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That particular schtick is a medium action 8 1/2' steelhead/salmon rod rated for 8-17 lb. test. That is about as light as you can go down there for anything. I was using 12 lb. line and tossing big plastic bass flukes in natural baitfish colors. various topwater plugs will also work as well as the popular 'tube lure' designed for the barracuda that most tackle shops carry down there. Also using a small piece of wire leader so you don't get bitten off. The retrieve should be fast so that the bait is literally skipping across the water. The more wake and splash the better. I saw fish come in from as far as 10 yards away to blast the bait. If you see one following it reel even faster. There is no such thing as slow down there....many species can swim in excess of 40 mph. We found the best bites in early morning and just before evening. During the day we got many follows but not as many fish to commit to striking the baits.

Fishing topwater for the 'cuda is probably one of my favorite ways of fishing down there....face paced, visual strikes, a great fighting acrobatic fish, and doesn't require much in the way of tackle or equipment to pursue.

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