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Sold / Closed Tough situation

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Just put a check in the mail for $100. Didn't know your last name Ron so I put Ron Myne on the letter. Good luck to you Sir and thank-you to all the others that helped out. Hope 2014 is a great year for all...PD

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A few people from the Champlain forum have been in touch but the interest has been so so, I would say there has been maybe 4 or 5 all total but I will keep trying...thanks........................................

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Yea that's a good idea! I had an 19ft sea nymph loaded for about the same price your asking. Couldn't sell it for the life of me for a decent price. Had one guy tell me my 9.9 merc pro kicker was only worth a couple hundred bucks. I parted everything out and made about 1k over my asking price.

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Will give you a call as requested after 5..............


To the rest of you guys I want to thank you for your ideas and suggestions. I received a check yesterday from one of you that I have voided and will be returning. I greatly appreciate the offer and the help but unfortunately it is nowhere near what I need to accomplish the task at hand. I coud very well lose the job tomorrow but no matter what I need a vehicle some how or some way to survive....I do have a couple of guys coming to look at the boat next weekend and see all that it has but my time is running out. Been a lousy xmas, a rotten new year and upcoming birthday this week is not looking very promising either...again I appreciate all you guys are doing to try and help.....

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Just want to give everyone an update on my predicament. As of today the 16th I still have no vehicle and am still looking to replace the motor in it. I also still have the boat which I guess is a good thing. To the guys who sent me the checks they have been cashed and are being held to help out with anything on the truck if needed. I am still looking to sell the boat. My usage over the past 2 years has been a total of 3 trips. 1 on Lake Champlain and 2 on a small lake for Browns Brant Lake out here in Warren County. I appreciate all your ideas and help but things still not going well. My main focus is trying to get the truck or a little **** beater vehicle to save my job b/c of transportation. Again thanks to everyone for their ideas and or help. Still holding out hope.

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Just wanted to give a "estimated value" of what is on the boat ....still looking to sell as i am about $2K short on getting motor replaced and I really need a vehicle for work.


$90               am/fm/cd radio
#100             Lowrance VHF radio
$85               8 foot VHF antenna
#24               2 storage glove boxes
$75               live well (rounded) for herring
$130             new gauges
$300 to rebuild       new consoles and front storage areas
2- $45   1- $75      3- removable extra seats
$300                    24V 65# Minnkota front trolling motor w/co-pilot control
$150 for rocket launcher, Planer reels and swivels $75 each       REMOVABLE- 8 rod rocket launcher w/Side Planer reels and spotlights
$90                2 Planer boards Cannon style
$900             2 Walker electric downriggers w/auto stop, swivel base, dual rod holders, 4' boom and tilt up bracket ($90 for tilt up brackets) and rigged for Pro Troll Black Box

$100              Pro-Troll black box
$1000            2 Scotty 1116 electric downriggers with dual rod holders, Traxsteck swivel bases and set up for Kell Depth Raider Speed and Temp with coated cable
$400              Lowrance LMS-332 Fish Finder/GPS with Navionics Maps 2010 version(waypoints included)
$150             spare transducer, power cable, speed cable and extension cable for Fishfinder
$400             Kell Depth raider Speed and Temp, with spare probe($189) and antenna($32)
$150             Downrigger Mounting Board across the back with Cleaning/fillet table
$125             Washdown pump
$100             Bimini Top with removable windshield and side clear curtains
$150             Portable Traxstech Stainless BBQ grill
$80               3 Berts Adjustable Ratchet Rod Holders
$75               2 Traxstech Adjustable Rod Holders
$35               2 Traxstech Net holders
$20               4  Scotty 230 Rod holders
$95ea           5 assorted shark weights 4 chrome 1 black
$50ea           4 12# weights
$40ea          4 10# weights
$4000-4500     2004 Mercury 60HP 4 stroke motor with new tilt/trim motor and trolling plate
$350-500 or more Lots of accessories for the downriggers and everything else on the boat(releases, spare cable, parts etc)
$1000             1987 Calkins EZ LoaderTrailer has new tires from 2010 (less than 500 miles) and new wiring 2011 and submersible lights....
$500-700        21.8' 1985 Blue Fin Sportsman Deep V(their classification) Open bow walk thru boat

ASKING $7,000 for everything, also will sell all the tackle for Champlain and George for lakers and salmon for $1000. 10 /12 rods and reels set up for downrigging and also for lead. 3 boxes full of lures, flies and other tackle as well. Could also include all the striper tackle too for another $250.....will not break this up....

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Ok maybe I am the dumbest in this .situation. You have posted several times regarding your issues with the IRS and engine. Several of great people have replied on sending you money and assistance in fixing your truck so you can keep your boat however you keep saying your run in out of time and need to sell???

Like another poster (sorry forgot name) said list your stuff separate.

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Would need to DESTROY boat to break down stuff to sell separately and it would take more time than I have....yes TWO GREAT PEOPLE sent me $ and it is put aside as i try to get engine....IRS is a minor situation, truck is important and yes running out of time because of work situation and company owned truck...I have not been sitting by doing nothing but trying to get back on your feet and getting credit to even buy another vehicle has not been a walk in the park. I am doing my best but destroying a boat piecemail isn't an option....just my opinion

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How about contacting the folks that have posted they can get you a motor for your truck, cheap!! it will be less than the 2G your talking about?

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Salmon Slapper....called the guys phone a half dozen times....left msgs and never got a call back from him.  Also you said you have a freind that has a 4.7 with low milage that wanted $800 but couldn't change it out....does he still have it??? PM me and let me know.

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This is very real and nothing phoney about it. I am trying to sell the boat to fix my truck and solve a couple other minor issues. Guys have sent money to help so i don't have to sell the boat. I have used boat 3 times in last 2 years so selling it isn't a big deal. There is nothing fishey about anything, sorry you feel that way.

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Im sorry man but your boat as a package is not a 7000 deal. It's probably more like a 3.5-4k in the spring deal. The stuff you have on there and the boat is more than likely the 7k your asking but you're not going to get it unless you separate. I'm talking out of experience and it really kinda sucks. Check out my listing from a year ago....




I could break it down like this....

$400 ---2x cannon mag downriggers

$600  --lowrance HDS5 w/ lake insight gen 2

$400  --Minkota powerdrive 24v trolling motor

$100  --onboard battery charger

$2000  -2011 mercury Prokicker remote/electric start 9.9 high thrust XL shaft

$2500  -1997 Mercury 115hp outboard

$2000  --Trailer & boat

$8000  --TOTAL


Now being realistic, I set the price at 6500 and nothing. I even had a guy tell me that the Pro kicker was only worth a couple hundred bucks. I sold the boat & trailer, bow mount trolling motor and 115hp merc for 4k. Sold the pro-kicker for 2k,the downriggers for $400, and the HDS 5 for $400. All within a week or two of deciding to separate and made out with a total of $6800. just trying to help bud.

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