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Great fish was out today to and it was beautiful when the sun came out, and the fish really turned on at artpark for us but it was slow in the morning for us. I fished pink sacks the whole time and my buddie used minnows the first half of the day with no luck, they wanted pink. Only landed five and lost a few. Two fish were ten pounds. Had the biggest heartbreaker of my fishing life ten feet from the boat too :evil: , my fishing partner lost a fish that was easily 17-20 pounds :evil: :$ . Water vis. was great. Had to leave at 1:30 to get my buddie home early :? .TO add insult to injury when i was backing my boat down the ramp i realized i had a serious brake problem, peddle to the floor =very slow stop :x . Put the boat in and pulled up to the parking area to look under my van and see break fluid pouring out from the van. Figured i would fish it off and hope someone would fix it while i was fishing. No front brakes but i still had a little rear brake left thankfully and was able to brake my way back down the ramp and get my boat out. All in all it was a great trip. Yankee there was a couple glass boats out, the was hardly any ice.



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