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Guest Icekimo

Simcoe - 2008 - March 15 , Closing Day Slay

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Guest Icekimo

We started off today dark and early making our way up to Simcoe, thankgod Fishonlineca opens at 4:30 on weekends for us anglers to get them power minnows! /tup

thanks YoGuy and his twin brother Peter for picking up our batch for us, as well as taking out their crazy photo shoot power camera /cheers

passing Canal Rd the thick fog began, that stretched all the way to Essa Rd which increased our traveling time by another 30-40 mins due to reduce visibility.. you can only see 1 car ahead of you sometimes scary stuff for real, if this happens to you.. Turn on your hazzard blinkers and go into the collector lanes not the express lane lol

Finally reaching "Spot X" on Simcoe we made it back out to 100-110 fow, following the waypoint out on the Dell Axim x51 pocket pc coupled with a 29 channel SIRF III Chipset bluetooth GPS reciever.. Fishcrazy and his friends already setting up camp and have a nice Whitie and Laker on the ice.. He offered us some pre-drilled 10" power holes made out already for the other guys coming out.. thanks guys those holes came in handy later on in the day.. The bite improved about a hour after you guys left at 11? and turned on about 2:30pm to 5pm


CobraCDR starts off the day with a whitie on a Williams Ice Jig that he released..


Next up to bat would be LRGmouth's GF, chilling beside me in the fishtrap she was able to see the Whitie rising up from the bottom on the LX-5 and taking her minnow, hooking into a nice eating size fish.


Good job cuz! /tup


Thing's are starting to pickup YoGuy's flag on his Artic Warrior goes off /blink




Then the massive school of Herring came through .. HT_Hammer pulls up one that was released unharmed, too bad buddy.. out of season fish don't count today! Whities and Lakers only! /lol


Hell ya! everyone hammering fish around me got me worried of a relapse of last year /skunked

finally around 1pm i was able to entice this whitie to rise up off the bottom on the LX-5 to hit my minnow


lots of fun on 4lb test


Peter's next in line for some rod bending.. once again, Minnow + Splitshot working better than artificial.


nice eating size gj Pete!


its about 2:30-3pm now and we've been marking fish the whole day non-stop, they just not biting as much as usual, lots of people out that day but not alot getting hooked.. then BAM PooPoo's rod goes off, he's fighting it 1/2 way up and then ...


BAM! cousin K rod bends over inside the fishtrap, we got a double header folks... both on hook and minnow slightly jigged once in a while..


Her monster whitie right under the 10" power hole... notice our ashtray in a bottle, be good to mother nature and she shall be good to you... Litter and she will send her /skunked your way!!!


Nice double header there!


Cousin K defiantly humbled the boyz today limiting out first as well as catching the biggest fish! /salute


LRGmouth under massive pressure now getting outfished by his girl connects onto a small whitie,

hooked deep and bleeding like crazy so he had to put it toward his limit..


CobraCDR connects on to his 2nd whitie of the day


nice 21" Whitefish this time.. yet again.. Williams Ice Jig 1/2 hammered... Looks like Iceman LX-5 got some spoon spanking competition coming his way next year lol..


YoGuy hooking into a big whitie


24" and limits out! time for Lakers for you now buds



YoGuy again! this dudes on fire.. whats your secret buddy?

Nice Size Whitie.. too bad not a Laker!


Released... /cya


LRGmouth pulling up his limit fish, looks like a big one.. dual minnow rigg


Nice size fish on his cheater stick (the gaff) /lol


Power Shot.. finished the day with 11 out of 16.. a few released and had to keep a few small guys due to being deeply hooked and massive bleeding.. All whitefish today.. only laker we saw was caught early morning by Buck$hot_B from Team Fishcrazy...we had better days but at least we all got fish today almost everyone limit out except for HT_Hammer the official 2008 Closing Day Simcoe skunk :D

Todays equipment consist of Marcum LX-5 flashers, Vexilar FL-18 & Lowrance x67c Ice Machine, Clam Corp Fishtrap Guide, HT Polar Exress, Artic Warrior Tip-ups, St. Croix Avid and Premier ice rods on a different mix of diawa, shimano & pleuger reels with Berkely 4lb florocarbon on Live bait rods and 8lb-10lb florocarbon on our jigging sticks. #8 red owner hooks and of course my trusty Dell Axim v51 Pocket Pc w/ SIRF III bluetooth GPS receiver


Tackle that has been producing well this season for me.. some i modified a bit adding on holograms and eye's as well as better hooks and pearls.. if you have a dremel you can get a polishing head and rub out any rust or dulled out spots, always dry out your lure's after every trip and give them a coating of WD-40 if storing your ice jigs/lures for the year


and our live bait rig, simplicity always does well on tuff bite days.. if the bigger stuff is not working.. down size and finesse fish them!

it has been a great ice season although a short one.. met some really cool people this year, old and new faces getting into the sport ...i will be counting the days until 2009 Ice season on Laker and Whitefish starts again on Simcoe!

Cheers - Ice

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Icekimo, looks like you and your crew really have the ice fishing dialed in. Nice job and great pics. I especially like your way of thinking towards littering. ;) My hat's off to you.


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