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April 08 2008 Mexico Bay Browns

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Today I went shore line fishing on the Lake in Mexico Bay as my boat won't be ready until this weekend. I found some stained water, added some Smithwicks and Storm Madflash, and after countless casts I ended up going 6-7 on Browns. The two largest went 6-7 lbs and were delicious for dinner tonight. You will notice the Lamprey marks on the large fish. I've heard the Browns have been hit hard this year. Anyway you don't have to have a boat to enjoy the brown trout fishing in April on Lake Ontario! Boy my right shoulder is sore tonight.

Bandit 49 : th_S5000683-Copy-1.jpg









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Hello Tonya. No secret, just find the tributaries that are running strong from spring melt or rain runoff that stains far out in the Lake. Patience is important in waiting for the bite and or for Browns to swim by. Change your lure types, color, and size. Most of the larger Browns were taken on larger stick bait under bright skies. However spoons such as Cleos in blue silver worked very well. Changing size of your lure can trigger strikes. Most all the Browns taken over 2 days from fishing ashore had 3 inch bait in their stomachs. Be prepared to fish at daybreak, noon time, and just before sundown. Pick your warmer days as this can raise the water temps enough to turn on the fish. Oh yes, take a stream thermometer with you to check the h2o temps too. Don't hesitate to try different tributaries running into Lake Ontario, all in one day.

Good Luck

Bandit 49 :lol:

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