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8/11/14 Mexico Bay - the skunk is gone! (sort fo...)

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So, the two man crew of the Bigfoot II set out into Mexico Bay again this morning. 175 FOW out to 550 FOW. Finally a release! 312 FOW, 70 feet down on a green & white dipsey running a spoon in a Diehard type pattern (Exact type unknown). A few minutes later...


#5 Brownie!


So...no King, but at least something finally made it into the boat. Only release of the day(5am-1:30pm)...They're staying off the next couple of days with the unsettled forecast. Out again the end of the week hopefully!



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I stopped in to woodys on sunday and saw a boat named bigfoot. I was passing through and looking for bomber lures or challengers and they don't carry either so I bought a sticker for my locker at work. I believe it was a guy from bigfoot that asked the woman about the fishing report (not good) . Glad you guys ended up with something for the grill!

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