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  1. Never see me let a nice doe walk by cause a buck might be following her and if he is he's gonna be all testosterone and not tasty never shot a basket rack even though prob should cause the neighbors don't care and one year while yote hunting I found the little three horned one and two other little ones shot and left by trophy drivers I'd seen these bucks every weekend all season Deerman head down the road farther to Lodi lots federal land and not a lot of pressure if your will in to get off the road aways look for areas that have less snowmobile trails not as many guys want to break a trail seen plenty of deer down that way if you put in the shoe leather
  2. Read this fact don't know if its accurate Last election Cuomo won by one million votes Two million gun owners voted There are approximately four million gun owners I won't make that mistake again I hope you don't either
  3. Prayer sent hope he and his family are gonna be ok
  4. Yeah when he says lots make sure you have a dozen so you can keep fishing sometimes you won't loose one and sometimes the current will drag a bunch into the rocks can remember the coho s flockin into Webster pier and hookin dozens in no time was fun years ago when I had less to do have fun good luck
  5. I caught two Lakers (small ones) on sat in east wind, not on purpose, trolling ne 75' down in 180 fow 2.7 sog on glow spoon was very surprised.
  6. Yeah that's pretty much what I read for today how'd they do
  7. Wtg on the first one nice fish too bad on the break off sucks
  8. Do you have a leader it kinda sounds like you have snap swivel on the end of leadcore I run 20-25' been taking browns in close and steelies out deeper
  9. Put out the planer boards and see how many idiots try going between you and the board oh and the kicker is when they start yelling about what an a hole and do you think you own the water your boat is on and you have no business fishing like that and why can't I go wot 75 feet from your fishing boat oh yeah the can is fun in the summer also had two girls on a jet ski trying to catch the board almost forgot that one
  10. Try an assortment of attractors flies and spoons and move the pattern around till you find a system that works on your boat if your going over fish and not getting bit keep moving tackle around the fish will tell you what colors and where they want lures some days they don't like flashers. If your not getting bit try opposite colors of what's down adjust pattern of colors as bite picks up
  11. Not a pro prob not even a amateur like to fish many species started in creeks moved to boats started fishing lake Ontario late eighties can remember years where we caught fewer kings and most were small jacks but the coho steelhead and browns plentiful. We fished for trout and salmon so didn't target kings specifically then the following year or next we would boat more kings we fished weekends from may till September till 02 when my Buddie sold his boat I fish mostly by myself now and set up mostly to catch trout and coho twenty plus pound kings are a hand full for me I release dozens of fish at the boat seems to work for me if I can let the hook out when in water still steel like to stay in the water unless small and still green. I think numbers of all species fluctuate and unless all stocking is stopped no group is gonna over fish a species if the rules are followed. We need both groups to do their part without the streams there is no lake without the lake the streams wither. My boat has a trash bag that is always getting filled with trash at launch ramps and out in the lake sometimes its staggering how much plastic is floating in the lake. I don't fish everyday so I have to prospect so I head out to look for bait and start when I see some usually between 60 & 120 and put first rigger ten feet off bottom and then set rest up and and head out till I find a taker and it seems like the bigger kings have been laying on the bottom next to Lakers most have come off lowest rigger when its within 50' and a lot of 12-15" kings under the steelies. Oh yea if you tell me where the coho s are I'll leave the kings and most of the steel alone ↩
  12. Congrats on the fish I went out about 4 marked bait and some fish in40 to50 fow and again around 100 took one hit on 300 copper was off as fast as he hit it also didn't mark many fish
  13. "As mentioned Mr Sutton is out of business" that's weird I was in the store yesterday an the shop keep mentioned " I'm not dead yet so I'm still making spoons"
  14. Seen couple guys throwin big curly tails under the bridges and big over hanging trees but didn't see if they connected with any
  15. My StarCraft was like that when I got it then I figured out I take the vent cap off completely and can fill the fuel full speed from them on
  16. Tried 40 better try 50 they did come off 40 easier still loaded though
  17. No me either they claim they pull thru the ice tho
  18. Humming bird doesn't show arches like the better ones do try going into menu turn down power on transducer if I turn it up to much it'll show a zillion fish usually run on 0 or+1 and reads fairly accurately only put it on five to find thermal and that's not always right depends on separation of degrees not sure but I think lowerance has flasher mode that'll show hooks
  19. Had 20# on three weeks ago started getting fleas so I thought I'd try 40# big game went out next week wow no fleas thought I had the cure went out for Friday and nope everything covered right down to the hooks sat wasn't half as bad seemed like it was OK early then when the sun got up and warmed things up some it got bad
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