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Put our lines in around 7:15 and headed west, which is where the least amount of boat traffic was. Got to the beach and fish on. 200' lead on a black and silver Yo-Zuri. We got about 100' of line on him and he takes a 200' run. I thought we had our second king of the season on. Turned out to be a FAT 12lb Brown.


We turned around at Devils nose and headed back to Sandy and right when we got to the first point west of Sandy another board line takes off. This fish didnt fight very hard and we figured it to be a small Brown, but were amazed at the size of it when we boated it. I didnt see a scale like the 12lb fish, but we guessed it at 8-9lbs. This fish took a clear/blue bomber 200' back.


Picked up around 11:30 and headed in. We went 2 for 2 but both were great fish. The pictures on the first one dont do it justice. It was actually bigger than the one in the second picture girth wise. We put both of them back for Jerry to catch later on in the summer! :lol:

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