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Keuka (branchport side)

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I'm heading over to keuka Friday morning to do some duck hunting at my girlfriends cottage. I'm thinking about bringing my boat and doing some jigging for lakers during the middle of the day between hunts. Is it worth a try or do you guys think is just be wasting my time.

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Around this time of year the bait goes very deep on most of the Finger Lakes (Seneca often over 200 ft) and I would not be surprised if you'd find it at or near the "hole"  (about 180 ft area) south of the ramp at Keuka Park.  The lakers often try to stay near the schooled up bait near bottom and often stay nearby for long periods at this time of year. and possibly in the deepest water between the bluffs and Marlena Point and usually hugging bottom rather than being suspended. You might want to call or stop by Fishy Business and get Gerry's take on it.

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