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Thanks guys!  Yeah jigging for the lakers is pretty easy, just on Saturday the wind was too much for us.  I did not bring a drill and the shanty was like a kite out there so we didnt give it much of a try. Not too interested in tent city out of the state park, my access points have produced just a few lakers already this season....


What I posted was a general statement for our fishing this ice season.  Every where we have gone in the past and produced has not produced for us this year.  Not too worried about the lakers as they are easy enough, just our perch spots are not getting us the fish like they usually do.  


We redeemed our selves on sunday with a good catch of crappies.


Thanks again!!

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Fished out of the state park this am easy walk out clear 7" or more of ice, once I got myself situated and finder set up I was surprised to be in 168 fow. Dropped a jigging spoon down and got a few looks. Switched over to a large white hair jig (over an ounce) first drop/ retrieve hooked a nice fish, ended up dropping more than I hooked but it was a blast. Ended up icing a few and the bite died off at about 10am. Should have taken pics. Fun to watch em follow the jig up on the Lowrance, they seemed to like it coming up fairly quickly and usually hit about 50' down. Good place to take a kid for action, lots of bait swimming by also.

thanks for the advice on here worked great!

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