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Bottom paint help


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Since I'm a do it yourselfer I said screw it- can't be that hard.

Doing some gel coat patching on the hull from some small chips and dings then painting the thing. I've started to sand the hull but had a question-

How far do you need to go? My old paint is not chipping or flaking- do I need to sand to gel? Can I scuff it down and let it rip?

What is the best way to apply on a trailer? Any tricks? I was gonna roll it back and paint all I could- let it dry then bring it forward and patch the roller spots.

Any info helps! Thanks as always guys!

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The biggest trick to making it look good is paint dry to wet. Start on a 20 inch section and apply paint to dry surface and paint up to the wet paint. Dont go back. Use compound and sandpaper to get out imperfections. Marine paints dryvery quick. Three thin layers if you want it to look good. Sand between each coat. Good luck.

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