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"SALMON SCHOOL" the 3rd annual Captain Rick Pecci's salmon school July 11-12th

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Hello everyone. Yes, my 3rd annual Lake Ontario Salmon school. Like last year's class this will be held on my boat. Dates: July 11th and 12th morning and afternoon. 6 am and 2 pm. 6 people per class. Cost is $75.00 per person. Which includes a work book, product give aways, snack and drinks. This will be up to 6 hours. Please bring all your own personal items needed. This will take place at dock and out on the water. Blow off dates will be announced if needed.

This class is on my boat out of Mexico bay NY. Salmon Country marina. Little salmon river. And fishing the East shore.

No refunds once signed up.

I take all forms of payment.

Learn tricks and tactics that I use to put kings on my boat. From novice to expert we all can learn from each other. My 32 years on the big lake taught me many lessons but we all are still learning every minute out on the water.

Come join me for a fun filled class to help you put more kings in your boat!

Some topics: rigger fishing, flasher/fly's, copper, dips divers, spoons, cut bait and so on.

Sign up today!

Thanks again Captain Rick Pecci





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I will update new open times and dates on Friday. I am waiting on many registration checks from signups. First 6 people that register and get their payment in will get in. Two days 4 classes 24 spots are available. Several are already gone so don't hesitate get your payment in.

If we fill both days I will an ounce a third day.

Thanks everyone I really appreciate your interest. I am excited to help you all experience a more successful salmon season.

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OK update as of today May 27st

Saturday July 11th-

morning trip:

1- John Mango

2- Matt Alexander

3- Todd La Freniere

4- Walt Stewert

5- Rich Davis

6- Zack Chase

Saturday morning is full!

Afternoon trip:

1- Dave Musher

2- Robert Tarapchak

3- Doug Bell

4- Dave Trachke

5- Chris Snyder

6- Jeremy Smith

Saturday afternoon is full!

Sunday July 12th-

Morning trip:

1- Garrett Pierpoint

2- Rob Pierpoint

3- Chad Magnuson

4- Eugene Sticklin

5- Kevin Stager

6- John Mullen

Sunday morning is full!

Afternoon trip:

1- Mark Keill

2- Tracy Keill





4- spots left

Please guys I had had allot of requests! If you sent payments by mail please contact me so I can add you in. Asap!!!

If for some reason anyone on this list is wrong please contact me asap.

I want to accommodate everyone. Thanks Captain Rick

315-790-7412 call or text

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IF YOU SIGNED UP PLEASE BE ADVISED I DO NOT HAVE EVERYONE'S PHONE NUMBERS. IF YOU KNOW OTHER PEOPLE COMING PLEASE PASS THIS INFO ON TO THEM! MORNING CLASSES WILL START AT 6:00 PLEASE BE AT MY BOAT By 5:30. AFTERNOON CLASSES ARE AT 2:00 PM PLEASE BE AT MY BOAT BY 1:30. Please bring your own lunch and drinks. Your own notebook and pens. No cameras allowed. Please text or call me for any additional information needed!!! 315-790-7412 and we'll see you all there!!

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Good day to all. This is Salmon School weekend!!! Thank you all for you interest in what I do as a charter Captain and our greatest fishery on the great lakes. I sure hope that you all will take back some new knowledge for you to apply to your boat. And have some fun to boot.

Please be advised I do not have all your phone numbers as some were not provided. So please contact me for further details! 315-790-7412 if you have not yet been contacted by me!! Thanks again and Fish On!!

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