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We took our shakedown run today out of sodus. First, and most importantly, the boat ran perfectly!

We spent the first part of the morning between the trailer park and Maxwell, but that water appeared to be beat to death, and we only pulled three small Browns out of it.

I got a report that a guy was getting some more action to the east, so we went down there. It was pretty good fishing from East Bay to about a mile east of east bay.... Unfortunately all of the fish were pretty small, except for one maker about 10 pounds. I would say of the 10 or so fish we boated (maybe 15 bites) the biggest was maybe 3 lbs.... There was a much better class of fish to the west, near Pultneyville I hear.

Our action was pretty evenly split between small stingers and honeybees on the rigger down 5 back 50, and gold or perch pattern small stick baits back 125-150.

I was getting a TON of short hits today... increasing my speed from 2 up to 2.2 seemed to fix that, but very frustrating.

Back at it next weekend.

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