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Salmon jerky?

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Does anyone have a good salmon jerky recipe? I had given some salmon to a friend years ago who brought me back salmon jerky from his dad. That was the best stuff I ever had and I could never duplicate it and didn't know how his dad did it. Any help would be great also I am not good with a smoker this could be half the problem.

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This recipe turned out pretty good.  I dehydrated it like in the recipe instead of putting it in my smoker.  You can easily modify a basic recipe like this to suit your taste.  Like it spicy?  Add some pepper powder.  Smoking it?  Add regular paprika instead of the smoked stuff.  

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I over smoked some brined in Musky Bob's recipe. It dried into jerky form and everybody loved it. I let it brine for almost 4 days before I smoked it

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Here is one that is really really good! I did some in an experimental recipe for Eskimo candy.

Hi mountain seasonings has a brine that I used for a base called Alaska salmon brine. Package has a bear on pictured on it.

Mix the brine with cold water like the directions say.

Add a cup of brown sugar to it.

Add a 1/2 cup of maple syrup.

Stir it up real good so the sugar disolves.

Slice the meat into pieces about 6 inches square and place it in the fridge over nite.

Take the fish out of the brine. Do not rinse off just pat it with paper towel to dry a little. Then air dry the fish for a couple hours until it gets that sheen of a pellicle on it.

Smoke with alder and apple mix at about 180 to 200 degrees.

Important; baste the meat with warm maple syrup AND honey mixture about 2 hours into the smoke and once again about 1 hour into the smoke. After four hours reduce the smoke and then just use heat for drying to desired level. I test internal temp of meat for 135 to 145 degrees. Too much more and you get salmon jerky. Slow smoke temp, even 165 is ok. Just longer but don't do more than 4 hours smoke. Finish with heat. Electric smokers are good for this, or if you have a wood fire smoker finish in an oven on bake low low heat 165 to 200.

I like to take my salmon off when it gets that translucent look to it. You can look at it and see light glowing in the meat appearance. The meat will flake apart like potato chips when done, but not crispy!..just a nice pliable flake of salmon goodness. Hold it up to light and see the glow in it and it is done.

Eat a piece and you will not stop.

Just like Lay's...you can't eat just one!


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