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Headed due north and set up in 80 FOW and trolled to 180 FOW this morning.  Riggers at 43ft and 63ft down with NBK spin doctor on lower rod and dark ladder backs on other rods with roamer releases 10ft above down rigger ball. 5 releases between 120 FOW and 140FOW, the last felt like a major.  Ended up with one skipper king.  Best action was around the 120 FOW mark heading East.  Bait was marked at 105 FOW and most marks were around 120 FOW.  Nothing on the dipsy diver rod set at number 3 at 160 ft and green and white spin doctor.  Tried other colors including an orange pattern and different sizes, but could not get anything to go.  Might have been dragging the small king for a while.  Might try off Braddocks in AM. 

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