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MooseKnuckle VI

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Been having a crappy season with bass. Was planning on coming back up to camp tomorrow to fish for kings but it might be a little too snotty out there still for my little boat. Might fish for bass if we come up instead. Is anybody doing anything at all in BRB, Henderson or Chaumont?

I'd consider trailering to black lake or butterfield lake if those are producing as well. Fished black lake a month ago and only got 3 bass and a crappie....Fished Chaumont 2 weeks ago and only got 3. Any help would be great!!

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Damn nice work. Were you up in the river or the bay? I picked up 3 smallies trolling near sackets. Nothing spectacular but I was only out for an hour or so. Got a little windy and I had some things to do on the boat. Snagged a tiny rock bass too.

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