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A-TOM-MIK Invitational 4 year tally

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Thanks to Tom and Steph for putting on a first class event. Boy time goes by fast I remember Tom talking about starting the invitational years ago and here we are with 4 events in the books! Never too late to get a team together and ask Tom for an invite!! More teams the better! Come out and test your skills against the very best fisherman on Lake Ontario.

 Look at this years 2nd place team (Liquid/Trouble) not a "pro" team so to speak but rather a bunch of weekend guys who put it all together for one day! Congrats to Del and Greg and the rest of the teams that competed this year. So get your friends together, form a team, catch some kings and win some cash!! Looking forward to next year!   

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Thanks Pete,

It's a great tournament that any team can win or do well. Thanks to Tom and Steph. and all who worked to make it happen. It would be nice if more teams along both sides of the lake could make it next year to support the A-Tom-Mik product that most of us use. Also to meet many teams we hear about but haven't met.And also make new friends. Congrats to you Pete, Mark, Chris, Jon,and Andy also. We barely snuck by you guys!

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