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Wilson May 20 thru 24


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Sorry for the late post but I had allot to do when I got home

Tues May 20,

Johnny and I hit the water around 10 am and got hold of Eric(Maniac) who was already on the water in 80 FOW in front of the red barn off of olcott we set up in 60 FOW it didn't take long and we got our first fish by the time we caught up with Eric we had 3 fish in the box so it started off fast and furious it slowed down allot around noon so we went in closer and found allot of good marks in 50 to 60 FOW and with in 20 minutes we had 6 hits and caught 4 of the six So we called Eric and he came around and started to get hits also inside.It was a great day to start off my trip we ended the day 9 for 11.Nothing big but we didn't care as long as the fish wanted to play.All fish came from 45 to 70 feet down with purplein the morning then green on greenin the middle of the day then back to darker lures later that day we also ran a lead core set up out 10 colors

Wed. May 20,

Well here we go the wind is blowing out of the west at 15 to 20 Mph looks like a blow day for us.But Eric and I had a plan(we talked before the trip) that we would try and fish the Niagara river I grabbed a couple of light rods from home and my fall steel head bag and off we went for an adventure.We talked to a guy who worked at the Lewiston boat ramp there is a little bait shop there and he was great to us we went in for what we needed and came out with $$ still in our pocket.WE laughed about it later that guy could have sold us the shop and we wouldn't have cared we were going fishing.We headed up the river and stopped at the bridge that crosses the US and Canada.Didn't have a clue how to go up the river so we did a drift by the boat ramp( I can't remember what the drifts name was)We were using egg sacks and minnows that we paid $3 for about 50 of them.I caught my first drum of about 8 lbs.and also a couple of other fish that I never saw.Johnny caught the first steel head of the trip he set the hook and all of us were waiting to see the fish come out of the water but well behind the boat was a splash and he was all over the place.Eric also lost another steelhead that day it was cold and raw so we called it a day we went 1 for 2 on steelies not bad for 3 rookies.

Thru.May 21,

Well Mother nature had it's way with us again west wind same as Wed.15 to 20 Mph out of the west/North west.I never put the boat back in the water wasn't sure if we could get on the water Thursday.I called Eric early in the morning and we were off for the river again this time we had a clue what to do when we got to the river there were 6 or 7 guides waiting on a bunch of writers from Pennsylvania that were staying in Wilson where we were.so we decided to follow one up the river.What a trip going up to Devils Hole it is tricky to get up there you have to zig zag back and forth from Canada side to the US side and vise versa.When we rounded the corner there were boats already there.so we jumped in line.Eric took the helm and was in control of the trolling motor We made a couple of drifts and I hooked up with a beauty female steelie when that fish came out of the water I didn't know who was hooked her or me what a show this fish gave us and every one else that was there.It broke the ice and made the day worth while.We could have made a Lund TV commercial there were like 8 Lunds and 2 other boats drifting I had a great time fishing with Eric and Johnny on the river we ended up going 7 for 8.The ride down was a trip Eric grabbed a life jacket and started to put it on then John grabbed the other good jacket I had the only one left was an orange one that your kid would wear. I asked Eric what he was doing and he said the ride down was worse than the ride up(Now he tells me)so I put the jacket on and away we went.I haven't been that nervous in such a long time we were going side ways doing 30 Mph trying to avoid the rapids and whirlpools(It wasn't all that bad but never doing anything like this before it was a trip and a half) we made it down in one pc. and as we got to the boat ramp here come the Coast Guard lights going and Bam pulling up along me yelling prepare to be boarded.They went thru every thing Thank the lord I had every thing they asked for (first time in 28 years boating I have been boarded).When we got back to Eric's camp ground we saw the lake was laying down so Johnny and I got a treat we went out on Eric's rig(What a great set up he has) I got to be a first mate for the first time and it was great we ended up getting 3 fish then the wind came up again and we called it a night.All I can say is his boat was so comfortable to fish out of.Thanks Eric

Friday May 22,

Got up wind was howling again Eric was leaving to go back home. Big Easy and his crew was up for the weekend fishing so we went down to olcott to shoot the bull with them so we all went to breakfast.Half way thru breakfast we noticed the wind dieing down so off we went to get the boat and head out.We got on around 9 am we had some rollers out there but the lake was lying down.the day started off good It was a steady pick all day lost the first 2 fish.Then went 20 for 0 with the biggest fish 17.8 lbs we doubled up on this fish.all fish came on green on green and R&R grape silver 45 to 75 feet down .we also ran a wire rig 160 out on #2 setting with a white Spin Dr and a Hammer fly not one hit on that.

Sat May 23,

We packed up the boat and truck the night before so we could fish the morning bite.We went to the town of Newfane and got on the lake around 5.45 am followed about 10 boats out of olcott.It was a little ruff at first but calmed down as the morning went on went 0 for 2 on the first hits.Big easy called and said he was getting hits on his wire so we pulled one of the riggers and ran 2 wire rigs.We picked up a couple of good fish then the one of the wire rigs went ballistic By the time I got to the rod the fish broke off everything but the snubber and dipsey it was a awesome hit.We got 2 more rips on the wire and Johnny got a 20 lb king on one of them it was the biggest of the trip.We pulled up after another good hit on the wire so I pulled rigs and Johnny fought his fish while I closed up shop it was a good fish to end a great fishing trip

I want to thank every one for answering all of my questions and posting helpful tips on this site.And a special thanks to Eric AKA Maniac for taking me out on his boat I had a great time fishing with him on the river and the lake.Good luck to all who make it out. Sorry for the long post It's the only way I can say what a great time I had.

I will post picture when I figure out how to do it from photobucket to this site.

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I will post picture when I figure out how to do it from photobucket to this site.

No need to go to photobucket Erby, just click on "Add image to post" when you get to the reply window. ;)

Real nice report too. ;)

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Dout away Ray :mrgreen: after losing the first 2 I thought it was going to be a LONG day. I also forgot to post that we tried the Chamberlain Releases and all I can say is they work great I had rods set up down to 100 feet and the rod tip was almost to the water.I will be useing these all the time now no more rubber bands If you haven't tried them yet Just buy one and you can see for your self I'm buying 2 more for the boat

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Nice report Erin, glad to hear you were able to do a few on the last morning. I agree, the Chamberlains are the SH i t. I can't wait to get them down with salmon gear, won't be long now.


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