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Lakeview WMU

MooseKnuckle VI

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Can these these ponds be fished with a small 14' tiller steer? I got a little boat with a 20hp and trolling motor sitting at camp. I saw there's two launches on lakeview and colwell ponds but wasn't sure if it's cartop or trailered boats. Are they all connected? can you run from one to other or is it too skinny to get through?  Is the fishing any good in there? Looks like it'd be good bass and pike fishing in there. 

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I hunted a good bit around Lakeview pond this fall.  Looks like a good launch there off of Pierpont rd, I saw a few boat trailers in the lot during ML season.  I think the lake is a 10 hp limited, could be wrong on that though. Not sure about the southern end if its connected to the south at all.  Cant comment on the fishing.

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