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No docks, so bring waders.   Channel was clear of logs, and only a few floaters out on the lake.


Went west and east.   Warmest water we found was 43, both surface, and 6 feet down at the probe.    Decent amount of muddy/mixed water in both directions.    Coldest was 38 degrees. 

Was suprised by the lack of surface crap, given the fair amount of rain from Thursday and Friday.   Never had to deal with fouled up lures.


Slow day, only 3 takers, all in 42 degree water.   (However, we lazed around waiting for the air temps to rise

so didn't get out until after 12).  All hit on different rapala colors....white, perch and baby bass.   Two guys leaving before us said they had better luck with spoons, but I left those home, (of course).


Regardless of the lack of fish, awesome to be out this early, and on a day that even the wife was warm enough to stick it out for a few hours.


Considering we had over a foot of snow on the ground this time last year....




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I may have an issue.   Unless I respond to my own post, it shows 0 views and 0 replies.  I have two items for sale, and ran into the same deal.


Until I posted a price break on each, it showed 0 views.   After that, suddenly it showed a fair amount of "views".


I'm betting the same thing happens here?    Anyone have this happen?   Do I have a setting goofed up?


Thanks in advance....

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Not a bad day of fishing,not a lot of people reply to some fishing post? Don't know why? You had 258 views? I posted Wednesday have 272 views and two replies?a lot of people fish out of Mexico bay?don't know why the lack of replies?I usually reply for my area and more?

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i was one of the guys with the orange boat that you talked to.  Good job finding some fish out there, was a great day to be out thats for sure

Glad we ran into you.   If I hadn't seen how you pull off landing without the docks, we would have turned around and headed home.    Hope to see you out there in the future.   We

just picked up a marine radio, so if you have one, you can give the Blind Squirrel a shout.

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