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I havent been out fishing since the orleans county proam and it felt nice to be back on the water.

lake this morning had a slight ripple to it with almost no wind and sunny skies. headed north, in search mode, stopping to look at 100 fow. for the most part an empty screen. continued north to 200 fow and the screen activity increased so i decided to setup there and troll north. in 250 fow we dumped a arial steelie, followed by another one in about 275 fow, and another in about 315 fow. not the greatest start but we finished up 6 for 9 w/ 2 small kings and the rest steelies. (including a couple just over 10#) spent the majority of the day on a n/s troll between 250-300 fow. nothing fast and furious just a slow pick form 5:30 till about 9:30. irish car bomb, nbk, git-r-done all took fish. 1 fish off leadcore 7 colors. the rest was a rigger/ spoon bite 30 -77' down. down temp was pretty warm and consistent (53 degrees down 100') the screen was busy (lots of deep bait w/ lots of fish in the top 90').



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I also fished out from Sandy Creek on Saturday morning...We decided to go deep right from the start. Set up in 200 FOW and started north to around 240 FOW. Took a 6 lb King on a watermelon NK that was on the rigger down at 60 Ft. Also did a small rainbow on the dipsey using a mountain dew spin doctor and dolphin fly. The dipsey had 224 ft. of line out on a 3 setting...Also lost another fish on that same set-up. Other than that it was a great day to be on the water with my son Steve and Cousin Rob even though the action was real slow...Very few fished were marked between 200 and 240 foot of water....Most of the better hooks were down around 80 FT. Coming in we noticed that in 100 FOW there were several bait balls and more numerous hooks but we couldn't trigger any takers....Can't wait to get back and give it another shot!


The Gumpy

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