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What's the future for Great Lakes salmon?

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I am uncertain how to take the MI DNREs assessment.  They claim low alewives so less salmon plants.  Put in more lakers,  Lake Michigan lakers are filling up on the remaining alewives.  No one programmed the lakers to belly down and eat gobies.  Lakers and sturgeon seem to be the restoration fish of the decade.  After all, salmon are a non native species.


They seem to be well intentioned professionals.  Professionals because they are paid for their labor.  I believe they are trying to avoid a population collapse like Lake Huron experienced.


Perhaps they are once again earning the acronym Do Nothing Right, Ever. 

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While we haven't yet seen those issues in Lake Ontario I'm afraid they are lurking close by. Thinking we need to look at positive economics + positive it generates for us as fisherman promoting sport by having salmon as key component of our daily catch. I am not a charter captain so the only skin I have in the game is enjoying time on water with family & friends.

Relative to the economic impact I see having salmon as a positive driver. Western NY isn't loaded with strong job market like NC, VA and GA. We need all the positive economic impacts salmon fishing generates in our short boating season. Those hard earned $$s flow into all the small/family businesses along the lake. Why make it tougher? Doing nothing meets definition of insanity... Time to go my turn to steer boat.

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