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Lake Erie wally and steelies

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been talking with friends of a couple day trip to erie never fished there ,i would be heading out rt 86/17 to dunkirk area ,i have no clue where to launch, fish,id like to get into wallys mostly a small town with good ramp , near a good stelie stream in case there is a west wind would be nice .. best time of year also ..

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Ray.. I may be able to help since that's where we fish! The best time for walleye out there is July and August. I don't think the steelies will be in the streams then, but we use Chautauqua Lake as a backup for "blow" days on Erie. It's only a half-hour haul from where we stay out there. We launch at Barcelona (15 miiles below Dunkirk) and stay at a motel about 2 miles from the launch. The place we stay at is clean, reasonable and we can back the boat right up to the room! If you want details, feel free to contact me at [email protected] . If the timing's right, be glad to give you the tour out there! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

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