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New to Salmon and Trout (help please)

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I recently moved to Port Bay and have purchased my first downrigger and some rods, looking at getting into trolling for Salmon and Trout. My boat is equipped with a Lowrance Elite 5-HDI fish finder/ GPS combo. I have gone out a few times looking for Salmon and Trout and am not really sure where to go. I assume i am not looking in the correct places as there are other boats in the area. I have tried straight out from Port Bay in water anywhere from 70 feet all the way to 400 feet and only marked what i believe to be a handful of fish. Can anyone point me in the correct direction to start looking for fish and what set ups they are currently using?

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I assume you have a speed and temp probe. If you find bait and temp, you'll find salmon usually. Fish salmon temps(43-55) around bait and things should happen. We're getting salmon in as close as 75-120 feet in the early morning around Sandy Creek (Hamlin) and browns also. Browns like ~60 deg near bottom. Steel head are usually out deeper ~150 to infinity. 55-65 deg. I usually don't mark a lot of salmon , but catch them anyways. If you don't find bait ( haven't seen much lately) fish the temps, move around and mark way points and go to them . They can produce time and time again. Also some days it'll be a spoon bite( green colors are consistent usually) others a fly bite. Sometimes both. Keep changing presentation ,ie. colors, speed, various attractors, no attractors, distance from ball and FOW. It's a learning process, be patient, listen, read, ask the questions and take the licks. You will get better. Just a note: Rick Pecci of Dreams Come True Charters in Mexico can be hired to come on your boat and set it up and give you a ton of info for a fee. I'm sure you'll get more info, good luck and get slammin some salmon.

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