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Black Lake 7/16 to 7/23

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We got to Black Lake on Saturday July 16 for the second of our three trips this year.

I can’t say enough about the great improvements to the boat launch. What up to this year was often a difficult experience has been a piece of cake thus far, even with the lake level way down.


After setting up camp, got out solo about 4:00 P.M.. Tried the NE side of Raspberry, but didn’t do much. Went to the SE side and started a semi anchored slow drift towards Tin Island using my ultra-light with dual dropper flies tipped with worms. Action was constant for the next 3 hours. With mixed emotions picked up to go in (since I figured Bridget was probably getting impatient about getting the ribs on the grill for dinner). Released a nice small mouth and kept over 50 perch, pumpkinseeds and blue gills along with a lone keeper crappie.

Sunday the wind shifted from north to south and a started a semi anchored drift from the SW side of tin. Did so –so  until I got back between Tin and Raspberry. Caught some of the best sized perch caught to date at Black Lake. Again kept about 50 perch, pumpkin seeds and blue gill – did better today on minnows. Too much wind to fish in the afternoon.


Monday was stormy so we went to Ackwasanee. For us Senior Citizens the dinner buffet is only $9, and very good. Bridget walked away $700 richer – I don’t play, so took a trip up to the Eisenhower Locks and the Power Dam.


Tuesday A.M. went back to between Tin and Raspberry and did very well with by Black Lake with some slob perch, pumpkinseeds, blue gill and couple crappie. Again the afternoon was too windy to fish.


Wednesday A.M. wind was still out of the south and did a very long semi anchored drift from the SE side Raspberry to well beyond the North End. Crappie action was on, particularly the father north I got. Caught well over a hundred with many doubles on the crappie / perch rigs. With the nine inch minimum, many throw backs, with most just under. Ended up with 15 keepers along with some perch, sunfish and throw back small mouths and bull head. Again, P.M. to windy to fish, so we took a trip to Alex Bay for a nice launch at Admirals and some shopping. Just had to stop a 1000 Islands Bait Shop for some browsing and picking up some tackle and trinkets.


Thursday was a work day, since I had to go to Clarkson University for a meeting, but I did get for a few hours early. Crapper action was pretty good. Caught over 50 and kept 8 along with some perch.


Friday A.M. was a repeat of Thursday. Although I had nowhere to go, by about 8 it got too windy to fish in comfort, although I could have went back into the bays. Decided not and go in for breakfast and clean up the boat.


Saturday A.M. lake was beautiful so fished from 5:30 to 7:30 before pulling the boat and breaking camp. Did a semi anchored drift from the NE side of Raspberry with a South Wind. Action was so-so.  Caught and released two big bullhead. Threw back about a dozen perch and crappie. Did keep one lonesome Crappie.

By our Black Lake standards, not one of our better fishing trips (fishing wise).  In part because the way the wind was, expect for the Saturday we arrived, never fished one evening; which of course reduces fishing time in half.


Did end up with 4 gallon freezer bags of fillets, which combined with those from the June trip will be more than enough for deer camps this fall.

We have one more Black Lake trip scheduled in early August before we hit Oak Orchard and Lakeside State Park for Salmon.

In June I had a lot of company at the fish cleaning house, with some great catches of blue gill. Not much company there this trip (or signs in the dumpster).  Some guys from PA did bring in three nice bass one day, that was it. One of the locals told me they caught a walleye and reportedly lost a sturgeon. Can’t  say I saw anyone at the camp with better catches than us. All and all, I’d say fishing was slow. I think the strong P.M. winds had something to do with it, but ???

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Nice report.  I have been drifting through the same general areas as you the past couple trips up there.  Definitely a lot of fish all through that area.  Have caught most species that live in the lake just drifting through there. More crappie then I have ever seen this time of year.  Unfortunately 90% are just short of keepers.  The future crappie fishing looks bright though. 

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You are spot on about the crappie. I haven't seen much improvement in size or the keeper ratio in the few years we have been coming up, but have seen some better perch - although you probably have to catch 100 to get 5 decent ones. Most are dinks, We keep some margial ones since Bridget prefers them to crappie and sunfish - me or the guys at deer camp don't care. Of course I'm the one that spends hours cleaning.


Bridget always say's don't leave fish to fnd fish, whether it is Black Lake or LO, but I'm thinking of trying back in near Indian River, at least one day when we go up next Saturday for our last week.


Good Luck.

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