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Got out Sunday morning, with a late start didn't hit the water until 7am. We had issues getting the kicker motor started and ended up using the main engine all day despite that we had a great day. Started in 150 FOW and while sending down the second the D/R the first one fires and it was game on. The fish made a couple nice runs and then broke off. stayed in around 150' and found good water temps with suspended fish around. Around 9:30 the other rigger fires and its another king I boated this one. Ten minutes later the rigger fires again and its a nice king making a strong run and giving my buddies 11 year old son quite a run. Tem minutes into fighting the fish the other rigger fires and we have a double. Both the fish ended up getting off but I managed a nice father son double pic at the back of the boat first. Then for the next hour it was pretty good getting four more fish and losing a couple in the process. The wire diver fired a couple times and picked up a couple lakers as well. It has been a slow year this year for us only fishing once a week and this was our first king of the season so it felt good to get that monkey off of our back.

The D/R fish all came on NK28's and NK mags in either green or that yellow/greenish color (spoons from the mid eighties)

The wire divers were glow spin dr. with green spots and a wht/glow fly

Back at the dock found the idle screw had backed out on the kicker motor and had it up and running in a few minutes of tuning.




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