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  1. For whatever help its worth, fished out of the Genny on Monday with a large group of charter boats. We did well in 150-200 about 75 down (temp was high 40s). But everyone had coolers full and some fished in shallow and some deep. They weren't staging yet, but coming in and scattered.
  2. Your friend is a terrible shot, but won't miss again! Look forward to next weekend buddy! It was a blast.
  3. Nice job. We stuck in that 120-175 range in front of Ibay and did not do so well in the morning. Lost one screamer and netted a 5lb king. That was it. Did see anyone else having much action either.
  4. Big Jon Repair near Rochester Its almost funny, we run 4 Big Jons and 2 are from 1984. The other 2 are from 2013. I have only had issues with the newer ones. Those old ones are bomb proof. Anyway, I have one that simply wont run as of last outing. Can't figure out why. I am not much of an electrician, but all of the connections seem solid. Is anyone aware of someone that repairs these in the Rochester area? Thanks.
  5. Is there video at the marina? You may be able to track down by license plate number.
  6. Keep watching for a good deal. When we decided to get back on the lake fishing 4 years ago, we found a 22' sea ray with only 20 hours on it for 23k. It was literally brand new and included a nice trailer. Then it cost another 7k or so to set up for fishing. Its an IO and I don't like working around the box when setting lines, but in the end, it does what we need it to do and was a steal. I agree with those that recommend against a new boat. Way too much depreciation those first few years (days actually).
  7. Well lots of marks in the 80-95ft range. Not much action though. Just two Browns around 80down on black and green ladder back magnum spoons. Good luck out there.
  8. Hoping to find some kings tomorrow and haven't been out in several weeks. Thanks all.
  9. We were having quite a few releases with nothing home. Someone suggested a tighter release and it seemed to help. But you do have to watch for the smaller fish that may not trigger the release. The tip will still bob.
  10. I am only a weekend warrior. We typically start with 4 riggers running spoons and a dipsy off each side running a spin doctor and fly (we are trying meat too this year). The higher in the water column we are fishing, the longer the leads from the weight - about 15ft when deep to 30-50ft when shallower. We also position the middle riggers higher than the outside so that fish can swim over the lower riggers if they move to the outside of the boat. Your leads on the flashers sound about right for a fly, but we usually run them closer to 20-24". Obviously conditions and fish preferences on any day can vary. I never run spoons with flashers, but I think some do and maybe I should try it. Have you confirmed trolling speeds? Perhaps you are running too fast or slow.
  11. We did the same but started in 100 feet trolled to 260 and in. Went 4 for 5 but nothing big. All small kings. Temps were low 40s 40ft down. All fish caught on spoons. I would have traded for the one bigger King.
  12. Gotta say, based on tonight's fishing, Paul was dead on. Setting the releases tighter. 4 for 4 with solid hookups. No releases with nothing home. Thanks.
  13. Thanks. I guess I should have put that together already.
  14. what is the benefit of a tighter release? Better hook-ups? I usually set ours light but do we seem to have quite a few releases with nothing there, even with sharp hooks.
  15. I assume you changed the battery. First thing I would try even if red light goes on.
  16. Chas Are you on hunting NY also? Good luck out there.
  17. Current was significant too. Full time job for us trying to maintain reasonable speeds. Congrats on the fish. Its nice to have the lakers when its slow otherwise.
  18. Only 5th time out for us and the first 4 were slow. We started east and trolled from 180 to 405 fow. Two steelies in a couple of hours about 100 down with black and green ladderbacks. Tried to target cold pockets. Lots of warm water. Nothing on meat rig or FF off dipsys. Then moved back in to 150 and did some laker fishing. Lots of lakers between 125 and 160 fow. Only needed to fish two rods with cowbells and peanuts as we would pick one up every few minutes. Biggest laker was 17lbs. Hoping to see some kings soon.
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