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Oswego Support- Lake View Web Cams needed

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Oswego Support- Lake View Web Cams needed

Oswego Harbor- Web Cams-Need Your Support

I've remained quiet for several months now waiting to see the new Oswego web cams come into operation overlooking the lake, river and Harbor. The Mayor did respond to me back in Sept they were being worked on and I know of the person who had insight into the development of a system for the city. My last request to the Mayor went unanswered so I decided to reach out to see if there is any knowledge available. This was a big concern to many and a very resourceful tool to have to boaters and fishermen from near and a far.Fishing is only a couple months away for some. "Time to find out"  





Its been almost one year since I ventured into trying to make this a reality, There's power in numbers and I know there's many that would like to see this happen, reach out to your local aldermen's and legislatures, official's, and people involved in the water front restoration project. Boat owners and Captains up and down the Lake Ontario Coast bring them on board. Just think of being able to see what the Lake is actually doing before you get there. What a tool for safe boating and fishing to. By all means share this post!!!!

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I am sure not much will happen till the marina revamp plans are finalized. It would be a fun idea to play with but all ya really have to do is take a look at a good wind speed, direction, and forecast app. I have a three and a half hour drive to Oswego every weekend. I am going up regardless. I wont base a fishing trip of a web cam. That lake goes from 5' to Glass in the blink of an eye and vice versa. But yes a cam would be nice. 

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