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Got me a nice new Lund this year. Unfortunately due to family concerns only been out 2ce. Got one at 30" Pike and a 21" LMB. How the rest doing on pike? Some 3 weeks into the season not hearing much about these great toothy critters on the forum.

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I don't think maybe people on here fish for them. I like to target them in my tin boat when I'm solo. Caught a few decent ones and some small ones in the marsh out front of my camp. One of the big ones this spring had a nasty looking wound on it. Same for 2 I got last year. Dunno what it is but it looked the same on all 3 fish. Looked like a lamprey mark at first glance but bigger and nastier. Looked it up online and only found something about a parasite they can get. Didn't understand the specifics but it looked like what google showed. Hope it's not a big deal.



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