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Did a quick evening trip started 140 almost out front wnw troll got to about 170 high diver rips out but acting funny ...took the rod from my buddy didn't pop popped it handed back somthing still not right take it back get it to the back of the boat pop line snaps bye bye 60$ dipsy paddle and diabolical rig.fished for another hr before moving a rod both deep divers fire almost same time one green dot with 506 atomic fly other Casper paddle with mt.dew meat head mag diver 1 setting 200ft wire ..droped em both but the funny thing we lost one back of the boat was a mess behind the boat trying to figure what the fish took us into get it in its my meat paddle dipsy and everything wrapped in with the other dont how we hooked a fish dragging 2 dipsys and 2 Riggs but had one on there ...we stayed in the same water for a few hrs I can't tell u how many fish we caught and dropped was sad doubles tripples a quad every rod fired ...spread was 70-100 Down definitely a few fire drills 2 guys on a small boat ...20170703_192027.jpgfished red barn 170-200


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