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Cape Vincent

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Nice smallies!!!

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    • Cape Cod sea bass

      Off topic but I'm visiting my brother for opening of Black Sea bass. Slow start but when the tide turned the fish turned on. I got a limit and my wife caught 3.     Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United

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    • Cape Cod

      Planning a trip to Cape Cod next year. We have a 21’ Mako CC we plan on taking. We would like to stay in a campsite that has water access but I haven’t been able to find any yet. We have a slide in camper to stay in. We were hoping to stay around the Sandwich area and drop the camper off of the truck to explore. If anyone has any information on camping and or the fishing including time of year I would be very appreciative. Thanks . Mitch.     Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario Unite

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    • Summer fishing in Cape Cod

      Looking at taking my family to Cape Cod this summer and am looking into fishing possibilities. Would like to take my wife and twin 6 year olds if possible. Any info about local opportunities/charter options would be appreciated. Thanks, DJ

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    • Spring striper surf fishing on the Cape

      Didn't want to hi jack the summer thread   , I  was told spring time can be really good for surf fishing for stripers on the Cape is it something I could do on my own or would it be pretty tuff to find them on my first trip, also fly fishing for them was mentioned which would really be fun if my casting would be enough to reach them  , has anyone been up in the spring .

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      cape cod fishing I will be in Cape Cod 10/13-10/16... Anybody up in that area available for a short fishing trip of some sort? dont know a thing about the area 

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