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Guest ReelDiel

Sorry it wont let me post to your original posting.

Adam, seen u guys out there today we were on Artpark. the NW wind was rippin so using kwikies for us was tough. Where were u guys using kwiks Stella. We were blue starcraft...t2yl.

Erin, Sept/Oct= great king action, start to browns and when slow some great smallmouth fishing..especially after a north wind.

Nov/Dec= steelhead moving in and dec on the bar over the last 3 years has been great for lake trout. if lake erie is not frozen over which it hasnt been for the last few years your are very subject to big wind mudding up lake erie and ruining the lower river. I think that was the case from nov. till erie froze over this year.

Jan IMO is usally the toughest month.

Mid Feb/March/April= steelhead are avaliable, huge walleye and lakers. the only thing that can shut it down is when they pull the ice boom and that shot of ice and cold water can turn the river off for a week or two. Normally they pull the boom when the temps are on a rise so the fish can find more comfortble water somewhere else...canada ;)

If you are ever out this way for anything gimme a call and if i'm not working i'll take ya.

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Yep, saw you out there, we attempted one drift at Artpark, but the wind made it tough, so we went down across from Stella on the Canadian side. I'm not sure what the drift name is, but it is long and straight, and it was out of the wind. Several other NY boats were fishing there, looked like everyone was catching fish.

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Reeldiel thanks for the info.I will definitely look you up that would be awsome.So I will put feb/march on my list for next year.This year is so busy I can't make it.Yankee if your not doing any thing when I'm heading up next year your more than welcome aboard the ELI.I think my boat would be perfect for fishing the river.from what Adam has said I'm all set.This is scarry I already have a trip booked for 2008 :roll: Can't wait and WE haven't even fish 2007 yet :lol::lol:

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