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Recommend an inland lake Pike fishing trip?

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Recommend an inland lake Pike fishing trip?

Hey all, I'm looking for some recommendations for an Ontario fishing trip for northern pike on an inland lake. Coming from NY, and I'd like to go about 3 hrs or so north of the border from Thousand Islands/St Lawrence River crossing. I'm like to find  either a very cheap cabin rental, or a do-it-yourself camping/tent experience. Not interested in luxury, and I'm not afraid to rough it. I'm bringing a small outboard boat so need a drive-to launch. Not looking to spend a lot, or do a standard "outfitter" trip. Really want to get away, so the fewer other fishermen the better. Remote would be awesome, as long as I can get the boat in the water.


I'm thinking Provincial Parks are best bet? Looking at doing this trip soon in September or maybe early October.Mostly interested in big northern pike, but also enjoy lake trout, brook trout and walleye. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! I'm open to any suggestions. You can private message me if you like, or post here. Thank you in advance!!!

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