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Great job! You can't complain about this weather. We were over the week of September 11 out of the Salmon River. Had a awesome week.

Thinking about updating my electronics next season. What are you using and do you like it? Any advise will be useful.




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Its a Lowrance HDS 8. Works great. We love it, no problems. It is 3 or 4 seasons old now, not the touch model. It has the side imaging and down imaging but we never use it, I wouldn't pay for that again on a trolling boat unless we start chasing the browns and eyes in tight more than we do. The gps works well also. Its a great tool to have to be able to go right back over them and for getting back to port in fog. Just wish the radar wasnt so expensive to add on because that would be awesome in the fog. This boat is my dad's. I have a helix 5 on my boat which works good also. Just doesnt have the gps, got a good deal on it. I may buy a helix7 for that with the gps and run both. Using the 7 for the gps and the 5 for. fish finding. I havent used the helix on ontario yet, just cayuga. I dont see much difference between that and the lowrance on split screen other than a grand! Im sure the lowrance has way more features but I havent messed with it much.

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Glad you like your electronics. My Raymarine a78 has some nice features but the gps refresh rate is so slow it's ridiculous. No wonder they dropped the price $300.

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