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Have tried plugs/spoons the last three Fridays in a row in the river with limited sucesss. Marked a lot of fish but not many willing to cooporate. Been kings at the falls for over a month so they are defiantly in the system. Usually spent the first few hours trolling the mouth and then ran up the river once the sun got up. Still need some water to draw them in good, but the days are ticking bye and they are going to come regardless! 

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Gotcha. I'm going to give it a shot tomorrow. I usually fish the oak orchard, first time fishing the genny tomorrow. I'll post on here what I get. What's the average depth at the genny?

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You're OK up the Genny to Seth Green Island but I usually turn around under the Veterans Bridge just to play it safe. Don't get too close to shore at NNW corner of Turning Point,


Depths between 7 and 30 feet from lake to Veterans. Always a real nice fall ride. I think I do it more for the ride than the fishing but its always fun fighting a salmon in there. We have also picked up Walleye here and there.

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