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Hello LOU friends. I'll try and keep it short and sweet. Hadn't fished in 4 years (kids) and went out on a whim with a good friend to LO for kings for the first time... We went 5/7 and I was shopping Craigslist for boats on the ride home. I was immediatly hooked. Ended up scoring a decent Sea Nymph GLS 195 (NymphO). Made it out a few more times before deer season started and did pretty well. Got my dad his first king, took the wife for a sunset cruise ( while running 2 riggers ). Only launched at Olcott so far but have fished east a bit and down to the bar and some offshore. Got a nice program but I'm always looking to learn more, that's why I'm here !! Currently run 2 electric riggers and 2 dipsys on lead. By spring I'm hopeful to have a bunch of upgrades like 2 coppers and a better chart. I'll be selling my old boat with motor in hopes of getting a 4 stroke kicker. Hopefully I can return some of the knowledge I gain from you guys and gals. For now, it's deer then coyotes then spring will be a turkey and salmon filled season. Hope to see some of you out there, with a bent rod !!


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