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Sold / Closed Selling all my fishing tackle including tackle box with 100+ plugs and 100+ spoons, dodgers, spin doctors, easytroll2 downriggers, wille planer mast, dozens of rods and reels (mostly spinning)

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Sorry, I pulled the ad a few months ago and updated it to sold. I did sell the downriggers locally already. I am not sure when/if I will be back in Western NY, I kind of got the rug yanked out from under me in the place I was going to stay. I may look into putting the tackle box and trolling gear and some other things up for sale on ebay when I can get around to figuring out how to become a seller there. I was hoping to be able to sell more things here in So Cal but Great Lakes fishing gear is not in demand here. It is very hectic now as we are moving to Europe and I am selling off everything I own (except for my dog). If I get going on ebay I will post links. I hope the weather warms up there soon and the browns come in early :)

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On 4/10/2018 at 7:23 AM, slipbob said:

That's hilarious!!  Is that a cardigan corgie:lol:

Cecil is a Rat Terrier mix I believe. He only had 1 day left when I got him from an OH kill shelter. He has 80k miles on motorcycles and he will bark at cars doing 75mph to get out of his way! :)


Check us out on Halloween!


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On 4/12/2018 at 1:51 PM, glowgetter said:

I sent you a  pm ? How much for the  willie mast ?? I could really use this,  as they are hard to find

I don't know if shipping that will be an option, I imagine it will be expensive to ship the 6' mast. I know the planer mast is not going to sell here at any price though, they don't even know what it is here in socal. I can look up a shipping price, maybe I can take a paypal payment if I upgrade my account. I will look into it later this week, I have a few busy days here getting my house ready to be put up for sale.

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Since I already closed this post as being sold I will start a new for for sale topic in a week or two. I am very busy trying to get my house listed for sale now. I would like to try to sell some items here through the mail and take payment with paypal. I think it is going to be too difficult for me to bring things back to NY state to sell, I am moving to Europe this summer and I am trying to sell all my belongings before I move.


I already sold the downriggers out here but I have just about everything else aside from a few of the fishing poles. Have a nice week, thank you for the patience.

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