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Dunkirk 9/1

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Another beautiful flat lake....probably the first 3 days in a row

that were calm since June!

Took my son (7) with me today....fished a little over 2.5 hrs...

did 5 eyes (dropped a couple others), 1 8lb steelie and few sheep.

DW glow frog, 185 on the slide with a ring on 2.5; DW blueberry

muffin on 2.5 slide at 190. 60/65 riggers on chattersticks.

Lots of good hooks and bait. Straight out 70-90....


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I fished Barcelona for the evning bite sunday,and till 2.00pm monday.just 1 on sunday .Monday started slow till i found a wad of fish 7 miles west in 90ft water .40 and 65 down was a good target depth dispite 71deg temps.went 5 for 8 . I lost a huge one about 20 ft from the boat ,it actually took (jerked)out over 200ft line ,with 12lb line i couldnt budge it for at least 10 min till i slowed the boat ,shoulda poped my other rod and put in nuteral,but i got greedy and tried for a double.at least i got to see it up close i would guess 12lbsh.The radio chatter indicated not to good catching in that area if i didnt find that big school west i would of rotted .Im new to the walley stuff and use nothing but worm harnesses .Probly i could of done better with some stickbaits (chatterbaits) as every time i checked bait there was a crap fish on and 1 pearch too.So i had to pop rods and check bait and clear hooks every 10 min (better than doing nutten).In my few trips to erie all my big fish have been in the 45ftish down depth less hits at that depth but all big ones ,dont know if thats normal ? The boats that went fursthest east (towards dunkirk) had the best reports 3 to 5 fish numbers so if i had to guess id recomend Dunkirk area for my next trip.

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we took a trip off of Barcelona on Sunday in my brother's starcraft Islander and had a great time in 80-90 FOW west of the harbor. The best action seemed to be 45-60 feet down.

We mostly used worm harnesses off of lead core, riggers and dipsys.

We ended up with a cooler of 'eyes and a bonus steelhead caught off a watermelon NK about 40 feet down.

Must have had 30+ fish (' eyes, perch, and bass) on over the course of a few hours in the morning, landing over 20 of them.

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I know the MWC guys all ran west to barcelona.....

But....we had fish all three days right out in front....and I only ran 4

rods Sat and Mon. Friend of mine did 16 just west of Dunkirk Sunday,

and he had 7 last I spoke to him at noon yesterday.

We dropped in all 3 days in 70 fow....worked out to 100 and back and

forth. Good pic to 85 and outside 95. Fish moving between 55-65

each day.

Did a couple on the 10 core with 3 oz too. We've been running rings

on the divers of late, and some even the mag rings.

I know if you want steelies....125-140 off Van Buren has been real good.

70-75 feet down. I know a guy that boated 12 yesterday, fishing for them.

And we took a 14lb laker out there last week too.

You guys mention harnesses....we did our 5/8 yesterday using sticks or

spoons and never put out a worm. Also, our board bite has been bad,

put the fish are deep and the little divers arent quite getting us down

far enough.....


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yea if you can decifer My favorite spoon,The one i showed you last week ,same place as yesterday,call my cell,and the new one billybobs dog found under Mrs. Smiths clothsline last sunday while she was at church ,a little east, alittle west .You might as well put on ch14 (welland channel harbormaster)and enjoy the boat traffic in the locks .(just dont talk its a restricted channel)....2.2 to2.4 was a better speed for me also.channel 68 in barc.was busy and a little info shared ,also with the worms i run them back 75 to 100 ft. cant help on the stix as this is new fishing for me. but the 85 to 95 ft of water is where i would be

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I sure wish I was out....I've got auditors in this week...I hate when

work gets in the way....but I'll nose around Wed and see if I can get

a report...

Let's see....I struggled a bit in August...well, most guys did...so

I backed off on the speed just a touch...thinking new boat is

slightly different...so instead of the 1.8-2.0 at the ball I ran on the

one last year, we dropped to 1.6-1.8 and that seemed to make

a difference, for me anyway.

If you go out of Dunkirk, as long as it doesn't blow..I think I'd

go back where we were all weekend....litterally straight out or

just a touch east...start in 70 and do a north-south troll. There

were definitely fish there. Sat and Mon I took my son (7) so

we did not go early...but Sun we did with the guys had 3 fish go

before we had all the rods in...

THe DW's for me have been the glow frog and the muffin, and we

had a few on a dolphin..super slim size. Plus thos silver/black

chattersticks. Temp break was 11 degrees from 60 to 67 feet, buy

the eye's seemed to be hanging right in there. Lots of bait, and lots

of bait getting spit up in the box....


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Fished Wed. and Thurs out of Barcelona. Like Ray said found fish about 6 miles west of the harbor in 80-100 fow. Trying something new to me turned out to be a disaster. I tried running 4 slide-divers with 50ft behind the diver. Having a newbe and terrible driver, I spend a part of the day untangling ....errrrrr. I finally smarted up and ran short leads.....10ft or so and after a bunch of lure trials with help from Fred Forsythe from Castaway charters..... blue dreamweavers, blue harness, and a black/purple harness, purple DW netted 4 nice wallys in the 22-26in range. White bass were a little pain with the harnesses.....but also hit one on the spoon, along with a couple of sheepheads. Plus it was HOT and FLAT..... burnt to a crisp...should have went in, got the motel and went back out for and evening run........next time.

Thursday the harbormaster said there was a good catch at 125-135 a couple of miles west..... went for a long boat ride checking it out.....lots of bait but didn't mark any fish..... Went back to finish spot of wednesday and soon as we were set up it 2 within 20 min.... Purple harness, and blue DW SS. After that it was s slow pick to get 5 more combination of harnesses and spoons..... but the fish were getting deeper..... the last couple came 190----220 out on my braid line divers... Bonus of the day was a 8-9 pound rainbow.... on the purple harness..... About that time it started to kick from the NE and the 2-4 with occasional 5 made for along ride in..... Would like to try it again this year maybe out of Dunkirk......Capt John how long b/4 the fish start heading back to the west?

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Daker...glad you got on some....

I generally pull my boat around Columbus Day..give or take depending

on the weather. The last couple of years we have had some great

September fishing, if mother nature lets us out.

I'll keep posting as I go...probably Sunday due to iffy weather

tomorrow....but hope to get a least another 6-10 shots at it.

Plus if steelhead is something you like to fish for, that can be good

in September too...I remember a day in late September where 2

of us did a dozen one morning....


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