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Leadcores coppers and rigger rods oh my!

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Lead core lengths. I have two 2 colors, 2- 5 colors and a 10.(had two but used it to make the two 5's). Is it worth having 1 colors or 7 colors? Figured I could segment the 5 colors to make 1 colors and the 10 to make a 7. Have a spare okuma classic xt 300l series but doesn't fit much more than a 3-5 color with sufficient backing so was debating it for a 1 color. Converting my convector 45s to 200 weighted steel with 17 strand wire backing. Have an empty cv55l I was gonna put an Atommik 300 copper on because I have no coppers. Any suggestions? I also have 2 convector 30 wire dipsy rods, 4 Magda pros with 20lb big game, two diawa accudepth plus 47lcs with 15lb and two diawa accudepth plus 27lc with 15lb big game. My 15lbs and the 2-5 colors leads are my brown trout rods and my 20lbs and 10colors are my salmon rods. Also have two other cheaper reels with 20lb that I use for lakers and stripers on the hudson. Having so many setups and options makes my brain hurt! Wanna cover as many bases as possible! 

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According to Matthew (the owner of Torpedo wire ) there is a different way. His 19 strand has the same sinking rate as 27 pound test leadcore. His suggestion is using two colors of leadcore followed by 19 strand wire. That way it is possible to retain the unique character of leadcore stealth fishing, but at the same time being able to use one rod only  for all the different leadcore lengths  one could wish for.

As for copper, can you say birds nest or cluster f--k?  Weighted torpedo steel wire can be thrown in a heap on the ground and then easily wound back onto the reel without kinks or nasty knots.

I'll try this summer and report on the results. If his claims about replacing both copper and leadcore with 19 strand and weighted steel wire are true, I shall have a lot of superfluous rods and reels in my boat. Who knows,I might even sell some.

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